Thursday, 3 May 2012

New Morning Ritual

I think that we ( I technically but Mike has been helping!) have been doing pretty well during this pregnancy of eating normally but healthfully. (the occasional french fry run notwithstanding) There is a lot of bad information about what pregnant women can and can not eat throw in a handful of food aversions and sometimes the menu gets sparse. This topic also makes me go on a bit of a be cautious but not an idiot rant- one lady on some website won't eat cream cheese because she read something that said no soft cheeses (meaning no unpasteurized runny cheeses). That level of stupidity has no place procreating.

I had gotten into a good habit of eating eggs in the mornings for breakfast but since Queso, I would rather have my fingernails pulled out then eat scrambled eggs as soon as I wake up. So I have been trying to find a healthy and filling breakfast option and think I have found a winner with an oatmeal smoothie. I got the basic recipe from HERE and add things according to my mood. Blend ice, almond milk, a banana and oats (we soak our oats overnight for softness because we don't have a fancy blender) and then whatever else you want. My favorite add ins are a bit of peanut butter or teaspoon of cocoa powder or strawberries. It is more filling then you think it would be but not overwhelming so it fits in with the smaller more frequent meals I am doing these days due to Queso taking up the room that my intestines formerly had dibs on.

Lest you think we are turning into super vegan hippies or anything, I feel like I should also share this with you: french fries and hummus are DELICIOUS.


  1. When I was prego with Abby I could NOT eat or stand the smell of chicken or coffee. Not being a coffee drinker to begin with, it was 10 fold. After number 3, I still have issues with certain foods. Enjoy the fries!


  2. The food from the tea seems much more appealing! I am glad you are being careful - gotta take care of that baby!

  3. Love french fries. Love hummus. Together ..... hmmmmm ..... not so sure about that. Now french fries dipped in a chocolate milk shake from McDonalds; kinda salty, kinda chocolately sweet. Divine. Sign me and the grand kids in Sunnyvale up for that one. I feel sure Baby Queso would now and will one day love it just as much as we do. Rest assured if you don't introduce BQ to it; I will. :) XOXO