Monday, 7 October 2013

Mae Day Monday: 13 Months

This month: 

Still not walking. I am learning that Mae has her own timeline. She can get anywhere she needs to go if she is holding onto something but has yet to have the desire to try to let go and walk alone. I have no doubt that she will, but only when she is good and ready. 

It has been a month of changes as she is now solely on milk and drinking it all out of a sippy cup. I was nervous about the transitions from a bottle but she is a champ! 

She tolerates shoes from time to time. For a long while, she would scream when I try to put them on her but she is slowly warming up. 

Books books books books. If Mae had a perfect day, it would consist of someone reading her books all day long. I couldn't be prouder, but have also been known to hide a book after the 58th reading in one day! 

Sometimes when she is being naughty, I look at her and say "no!" And she points to her nose and smiles. It is hard to maintain my serious face. 

Friday, 6 September 2013

Mae Day Monday: Week 52

This week: 

She is more engaged with the things around her. She points at everything and says either "bup" or "desh" and then looks at me and I tell her the name of the object. 

She has always loved being read to but now doesn't understand the concept of the end of a book. All books must be read on a loop until she tires of them. 

She is getting frustrated that we do not understand what she wants; there is shrieking. She has the sign for "all done" mastered but that is the only one I have taught her. 

Hears the word "no" more and more. Does not enjoy it. 

Laughs and laughs and is almost always happy. 

This is the end of the weekly updates. It has been so fun to keep a record of her first year this way. I am going to move to doing a monthly update for her second year of life. So hope to see you back for the 13 month update, an hopefully some camera backlog from London-days. (Despite the tardiness of the post, the picture was taken on her birthday) 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Mae Day Monday: Week 51

This week: 

We have a drop off between our den and sunroom and Mae has been working and working to master getting down it. She has the getting up it part but is still practicing making it down without falling. (We have a pad at the bottom! Fear not for her cranial safety) 

She thinks that the tall bowls of fun water to play in the bathrooms are really cool. ie. I catch her playing in the toilet all the time. If you are visiting, please put the lid down for my own sanity. 

She has started wrinkling her nose and snorting like a bull who is about to charge. It is pretty funny. 

She can walk while pushing her little push toy for a few steps before plunking down. She wants to walk so badly! 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Mae Day Monday: Week 50

This week: 

She has her first "job." When we get home I put her down in the kitchen and tell her to go get her puppies. She crawls to the dog kennel and messes with the handle and lets the dogs out. It is pretty adorable. 

She will stand for a couple of seconds by herself before she plunks down. 

She is rapidly shedding her babyhood and emerging a toddler. From her playtime to the fact that she understands new things everyday, she plays differently; she has a will, and she even makes herself laugh. I have no doubt that her inner monologue is a riot. 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Mae Day Monday: Week 49

This week: 

She is at a fun age with the dogs right now. She loves to pet them and love on them and they can get away from her when they want. She has also figured out how to open their kennel and they love her for it. 

We have four full fledged teeth! She can go through some food pretty quickly these days. 

Not a great interest in toys but instead she crawls (like lightening) from furniture to furniture pulling up and seeing if there is anything she shouldn't have and grabbing it.  Repeat times 1000. 

She is putting all her acquired sounds together in different ways. Some are real words some are not. A string of "golly golly golly" is our current favourite. 

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Mae Day Monday: Week 48

This week: 

Talk talk talk! She is saying mama all the time (though it usually comes out in a long strand of mamamama when she is upset) and has started calling Mike something resembling Papa. Who knows what it will shake out to be but in the mean time, you have never seen a prouder papa. 

She is getting faster and faster and barely needs anything to hold onto anymore. She can stand and walk a few steps just with hands on a wall. I keep waiting for her to tear across the room like it is no big deal. 

Loves raisins, kiwi, and croissants. 

Prefers her bucket of real things like an old remote, spatulas, Tupperware etc to any of her fancy shmancy baby toys. 

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Mae Day Monday: Week 47

This week: 

Much much practicing of all skills mentioned previously. 

She is now scooting along the edge of things like tables, couches and bay windows. 

So tired from all these new things! It was a really weird week because she was just going and going and going that I would scoop her up for nap time and she would practically be asleep before I got her in her crib. She has always been a decent sleeper but this was a whole new level. It was awesome and now sadly, over, as she is back to being indignant that I would ask her to nap.